Why does PROFITEACH require a teacher?

Introduction Q&AWhy does PROFITEACH require a teacher?

Why does PROFITEACH require a teacher?

  • Profiteach Guitar Teacher Edition is designed for the teachers
  • The teacher serves as a model and authority, but also as a friend and mentor... he/she brings the human and personal dimension into the teaching process

  • It is the teacher who provides the instruction; the software does not substitute the teacher, it only helps both parties involved

  • The teacher is always the best solution, providing the best performance in all kinds of teaching situations, including playing the musical instrument

  • The teacher's authority and support is often the strongest motivating factor for the students to overcome the obstacles and achieve their goals 

  • The teacher deals with all technical challenges and proposes solutions

  • The teacher addresses, coordinates and corrects the emotional aspects of playing the musical instrument

  • The teacher teaches the art of concentration and steers the artistic components of guitar-playing

  • The teacher shapes the student's personal traits and uses them to achieve the set objectives

  • The teacher guides the student in the development of his/her guitar skills and outlines the short- and long-term goals and the ways to achieve them